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Hello Dear Members,

N1Adz launch #3 monthly referrals contest!

these are the prizes:

1 $100 Main balance
2 $50 Main balance
3 $25 Main balance
4 $15 Main balance
5 $10 Main balance
6 $5 Main balance
7 $4 Main balance
8 $3 Main balance
9 $2 Main balance
10 $1 Main balance

Referral Contest will be active for 30 days (ends: 09rd February 2020)

- Referral need to click at least 4 Ads to be accepted.
- Spamming, multiple accounts and forcing people to sign up are not allowed.
- Multiple accounts will be deleted and repeated multiple accounts with the same upline will lead to the exclusion of the upline from the competition.

I ask you for maximum sportiness and respect for the rules
let's go now!

Posted 2020-01-11 at 00:00

Great contest Adm!

Posted 2020-01-11 at 13:59

great contest best of luck

Posted 2020-02-05 at 09:21

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Hello Dear Members,
here is the list of winners.
Referrals contest winners
Thank you for your participation, and congratulations to the winners!

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Posted 2020-05-08 at 10:06

Any new Referal Contest?

Posted 2020-05-08 at 16:10

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Quote: n72
Any new Referal Contest?

I have had great disappointments from previous refcontests,
the new users who signed up thanks to the contest were mostly multiple accounts or users who remained active only for one day.
At the moment I prefer to invest the money to pay the big promotion for new members who thanks to the first $ 1 payout are encouraged to stay active.
Maybe I'll try with a new refcontest when this promotion ends ... but I have to study well a way to protect the site from cheating.